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Humble Bundle Introduces Cinemaware Collection

If you are a retro gaming fan then you know the name Cinemaware quite well.  If you don’t know that name then here is a chance to grab some of the best “ahead of their time” games released in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.  Seriously, this is an amazing collection of great games for everyone to own.  Some of these games are very prominent on “abandonware” or illegal ROM download sites- here is your chance to own legal copies instead.  What is cool about this bundle is that it includes both the Amiga and MS-DOS versions, when available.

The list of games you can get are:

  • Defender of the Crown
  • SDI
  • The King of Chicago
  • Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon
  • Lords of the Rising Sun
  • Rocket Ranger*
  • It Came From the Desert
  • It Came From the Desert II: Antheads
  • Wings!
  • TV Sports: Football
  • TV Sports: Basketball
  • TV Sports: Baseball
  • TV Sports: Boxing

This collection is available for less than the cost of a Whopper burger at Burger King or a Big Mac at McDonald’s.  While that food will stay with you for quite a while it won’t be yours forever like these games will.  Choose wisely.

Even if you only grabbed this bundle for It Came From the Desert 1 and 2, Defender of the Crown, Wings and The King of Chicago that is still tons of hours of gameplay across many genres for about $2.50, how can you beat that?  Sports fan?  Four TV Sports games are in this bundle, these are sports games that did stuff sports games today still don’t do.

The point is, there is a ton of entertainment value in this bundle.  Probably never going to be seen at this price again as the Cinemaware games changed hands to a new owner recently.  Who knows if they will be willing to let their games go for this cheap, about $0.18 each, again.

Grab the Cinemaware bundle on the Humble Bundle store.

Carl Williams

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