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5 Ways Super Mario Run Innovates

Nintendo is a company we know and love for their innovation. From the beloved power glove, to the failed VR experiment virtual boy, to the legendary Wii they have never ceased to stop pushing the boundaries between player and game, between virtual reality and us. This time things are a little different. Miyamoto and the rest of the Nintendo gang are spicing up the endless runner genre. Here are the five main ways we know they are changing it up.

  1. Smooth Moves – This feature is visually similar to parkour. You tap your screen in certain patterns to excite various patterns of movement from your character. This can be as simple as a simple jump, or as complex as jumping back and forth to scale walls through an intricate maze of passages. We haven’t seen the full extent of this feature yet, but we know it directly influences…
  2. Toadies – Like the roadies these rhyme with these little buggers follow you on your road to success. You gain followers by executing moves. The more complex the moves the more Toadies you gain. But what can you do with them? Do they just follow you forever? If you thought that then you must have forgotten this is Nintendo we are talking about. These Toads are here to populate your own personal…
  3. Mushroom Kingdom – Ever wanted to build your own Mushroom Kingdom? Now you can! We don’t know a lot about this feature yet. It may be as complex as a mini SimCity, or it may just allow you to show trophies off to your friends. It could be a way to milk microtransaction money out of you. The truth is we don’t know much about it yet. Other than…
  4. Coins – Yes, the coins you gather have meaning. You use them to purchase items for your kingdom. This could potentially have other uses. It might be used as an alternate currency to microtransaction items. It might even be used to spruce up the outfits of your Mario and Toadies. All we know for certain is that it will be used to for your Kingdom. And that leaves us with one final point…
  5. Compete Against Others’ Records – Much like the original Super Mario Kart you can compete against the records of others in Super Mario Run. In this mode you select from either friends or those who are ranked close to you in skill. A ghostly image of them appears on your screen and you race against it for the glory of being the best Mario on your block.

Over all I think Super Mario Run is shaping up to be a blast of a game. As an Android user I am jealous of my iOS wielding friends. What are your thoughts on it? Will you be buying Super Mario Run on day one, or will you give this game a pass?


Daniel Alexander is a game critic, horror writer, and all around good guy. Or so say the Sims he has held hostage.

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