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Final Nintendo Gamecube Game Playable in Dolphin Emulator

While it seems Nintendo is on a warpath against fans for creating homebrew and independent versions of their intellectual properties, there is not much they can do to Dolphin.  Dolphin is a Nintendo Gamecube emulator that is created with 100% original code, none of it belonging to Nintendo so there is no legal grounds to shut it down.  No matter how hard Nintendo tries.  Now, the final elusive to fix and boot Nintendo Gamecube game is working in the Dolphin emulator and Star Wars fans can rejoice.

What is interesting about the Dolphin emulator is that it has grown to include some Nintendo Wii games too.  Anyhow, back to the point of this news article.  Star Wars the Clone Wars is finally playable in Dolphin.  This was the final game to give the developers fits and troubles to get working.  They were able to get the PAL version to boot “somewhat” but it was shaky and quite unstable.  The NTSC, USA/North American, version was still unbootable until the developers did the unthinkable.

They rewrote a TON of the original code contained within Dolphin to get ONE game to work.  Star Wars the Clone Wars by LucasArts.  That is dedication to the project right there.  Not many developers would have gone through the immense workload to get one game running.  Fans, make sure to give thanks for this- it was hell according to the LONG blog post detailing the process.

This was obviously a labor of love and dedication by the developers.  Congratulations on getting this finished.  All that is left now is to tweak the emulator to get better performance, if needed.  Or just take a while to yourselves and rest.

What games are you going to play on the newly renovated Dolphin emulator?  I mean games you LEGALLY purchased here folks- we don’t advocate piracy but we do point out from time to time when companies are taking their positions just a little too seriously.

Grab Nintendo Gamecube games off of Ebay and just enjoy them.

Carl Williams

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