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Wizard of Legend is Coming to Scratch Your Retro Itch

Wizard of Legend is an upcoming game by Contingent99 slated for release in 2017. It is a retro style game featuring action heavy spell slinging combat, and procedurally generated dungeons. At first glance the game looks amazing.

Contingent99 spent months creating the prototype for the Wizard of Legend prototype, before taking it to Kickstarter. They built it around the desire to recreate the feel of SNES action games. Elements they want to capture in the final release include the driving need for exploration, and fast paced hack’n’slash style combat.

Of special importance is the need to explore. To this end they have employed an ever changing procedurally generated world. As a result each play through different, and exploring is paramount to the game experience. To make this more intense the bosses not only seem to be randomized throughout the game, but also evolve with you. They learn new spells and strategies as you play making each encounter with them different. These features alone should make for years of replay value.

Judging by the trailer the combat looks amazing. It reminds me of magic based combat in Anime. Your skills appear fairly overpowered compared to the average enemy. However, the sheer number of foes that can be on the screen at once forces you to use effective strategies and lots of dodging to stay alive. This appears to make for a fast paced, adrenaline filled experience.

This system of combat is capitalized by a dynamic spell system. There are five spell types, air, earth, fire, water, and lightning. You can combine these with your standard melee, ranged, and area of effect attacks to make new combinations. These combinations allow you to unlock new spells, 100 in all, to unleash upon your foe. Through experimentation you will be able to unlock spells that fit your play style. This should allow for unique and interesting builds that you can tweak to min max with each play through. Topping it off there are an undisclosed number of wizards you can unlock through game play. Each of these has their own signature move, further adding to the  customization options in Wizard of Legend.

To tie the entire SNES experience together Contingent99 is adding local split screen co-op and PvP to the game. Early previews of this look fantastic. The PvP is especially interesting to me. I think the sheer number of customization options will keep players testing new PvP builds for months.

Add Wizard of Legend to your Steam wish list to stay up to date with its progress. You can expect the game to launch sometime in 2017.


Daniel Alexander is a game critic, horror writer, and all around good guy. Or so say the Sims he has held hostage.

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