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Nintendo Ends Fun for 600+ Indie Fan Games and Fans

Nintendo has been on a rampage against their fans lately.  Awhile back they took on the Youtube crowd by blocking ad revenue sharing on Nintendo owned games being played.  Then more recently they took down Project AM2R and the Pokemon game and the Nintendo Power issues on just to name a few things.  Now, Nintendo has taken down 600+ fan created games in one fell swoop off the Internet.  Talk about faster than a speeding bullet.

Over on Github there used to be a ton of games based on Nintendo intellectual properties.  These ranged from Pokemon games to new Mario adventures to taking Link on new quests and more.  All of them are gone now.  Nintendo gave the popular indie clearing house website a cease and desist letter, similar to what happened with the other infringing fan creations.  This has caused over 600 fan developed games to be removed from the Internet in one fell swoop.

The full list is available on’s website here.

This is a shame.  Rather than working with fans and the communities that support them, they are taking a blanket legal action against them.  Sega used to be like this but then they woke up and decided to work with fan community.  They even went as far as including game hacks and such for their games via Steam.  Not Nintendo, they have to be jerks about it and go all Metallica on their own fans.  That is a shame.  This is a very large missed opportunity for this once great gaming company.

While they are in their legal right to take action against these unauthorized works it is not always in their best interest as a fan supported company to do so.  They have chosen their path, regardless of how risky it is, and they have a console launch coming- I wonder how many fans will line up to purchase the Nintendo NX with whatever weird controller they come up with this time?

I won’t be buying one, not just because of this type of action but because I feel Nintendo lost their way A LONG time ago.

Carl Williams

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  2. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    One shall not be a fanboy of any company or corporation if don’t want to be screwed because of nonsense

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