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Mother Russia Bleeds Brings Back Scrolling Brawlers for Steam Now Playstation 4 Soon

Man, I really miss brawlers.  Even in their simplicity, they were something worth trying and many had unique takes on the genre.  No two brawlers were exactly the same.  Streets of Rage had the police back up options while Final Fight had oversized extremely detailed characters.  Now, Mother Russia Bleeds brings fatalities and pixel art that for some reason works really well in a scrolling brawler.  This game just hit Playstation 4 and Steam for Windows.  Fans of brawlers know what to do.

Developed by independent Russian developer Le Cartel, Mother Russia Bleeds is a pixel graphics brawler. It brings Mortal Kombat and Time Killers style fatalities to the Final Fight and Streets of Rage style gameplay.  Watch the trailer and see for yourself.  There are chainsaws and overpowered humans abound.  Iron beams from the building become mega baseball bats while shot guns do adequate damage to enemies unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of your boom stick.

“It’s true that Mother Russia Bleeds is so violent it makes you nauseous, but on the plus side the game lets you beat down drug-dealing baddies with so much stuff – your fists, telephone poles, other people’s heads, toilets, toilet paper, fire extinguishers, motorcycles, chainsaws, and an accordion. That’s art right there, nerds,” noted Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker.

The story of Mother Russia Bleeds is all about some imprisoned people that have fighting skills.  The oppressive government has been overstepping their bounds and this group of fighters must take action and do something about it.  What ensues is quite different than what we are used to seeing in a brawler.  In its backwards step with the pixel graphics Mother Russia Bleeds has somehow moved forward with the variety of moves available.

Mother Russia Bleeds by Devolver Digital
Developer: Le Cartel
Genre: Brawler
Platform: Playstation 4 and Steam for Windows
Available now on Steam for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Playstation 4 later this year

Carl Williams

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