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Star Cruiser Receives English Translation by Fans for Sega Genesis Console

Star Cruiser was one of those unreleased games that was featured prominently in gaming magazines back in the day like Electronic Gaming Monthly.  Fans were excited because this was one of those titles that was quite impossible on the previous 8-Bit consoles such as the Nintendo Entertainment System.  I believe it was linked to Namco here in the United States but cannot verify that as it has been over 20 years since I read that issue of EGM.  Well, no matter as a fan translation has just been made available for Star Cruiser which is nearly complete.  If you are interested in polygon based space battles with some corridor fun and love rocking the Sega Genesis then you are in for a treat.

What was helping set Star Cruiser apart from similar games that came after it was that this was an action role playing game.  Not a straight shooter like Star Fox by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo.  Star Cruiser also did not rely on additional hardware to run on the stock Sega Genesis console.

The point of Star Cruiser, planned to be renamed Star Quest in North America, was to explore four solar systems with 30+ planets.  Interestingly everything was first person polygon based action.  Sure it was a little slow but it was much better than what the stock Super Nintendo ever could muster.  Fans can expect free flying, travel to other worlds, combat and just generally enjoying space flight and exploration.  Huh, decades before No Man’s Sky we could have been exploring worlds in free form on a 16-Bit console.  Who would have thought it?

Head over to to grab a copy of the translation patch.  We cannot link directly to download Star Cruiser because it is not freeware so you are on your own there.

If you want to grab a copy of the Japanese version off Ebay then use our handy affiliate link.

Carl Williams

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