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Konami Attempts Mascot with Rocket Knight Adventures – Today in Retro Gaming – September 3rd, 1993

Rocket Knight Adventures Konami Sega Genesis

Konami used to be this really awesome game publisher.  They were all over the place with their releases, especially during the 16-Bit wars.  They would often release the same title on both the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis but they took the time to tweak said title for each platform.  Rocket Knight Adventures is one of those titles that sold just well enough to warrant a sequel but not enough for Konami to take the plunge and make the little opossum their mascot. 

During the 16-Bit wars Sega and Nintendo were trying their best to get the best versions of any cross platform games on their console.  Nintendo was doing this predominantly through exclusivity deals while Sega was giving developers easier access to the metal (programming term for better software assistance).  Usually the Sega Genesis version was faster than the Super Nintendo copy while the SNES game featured more color and sometimes a higher resolution screen.  We never got to see what Rocket Knight Adventures on the Super Nintendo would have been like though as this is a Sega Genesis exclusive.

Rocket Knight Adventures is a 2D side scrolling action game that featured this armored opossum and his actions retaliating against a tyrant.  Konami were on their “A” game with Rocket Knight Adventures and it showed.  Enemies are made up of many sprite sections, they come in from both sides of the screen and from the background and there are few places where this game lets up.

Rocket Knight Adventures came out around the time that the Sega Genesis was being pushed HARD.  From Gunstar Heroes to Contra Hard Corps the Sega Genesis was finally humming and over the top graphical, good, games were finally getting released.

What other games starred an opossum?

Grab a copy of Rocket Knight Adventures on Ebay and just enjoy this game because companies aren’t making them like this anymore.

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