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Acclaim Closes Their Doors – Today in Retro Gaming – September 1st, 2004

Old school game publishers going out of business is never fun to write about.  With Acclaim though it is kind of bittersweet.  While they held some of the best licenses of whatever generation of console we are talking about, they would also universally phone in the quality of the underlying game.  For many, they made games that were fun and entertaining while on the opposite side of the coin gamers were unanimous in thinking Acclaim meant bad games.  Not many gaming companies held such a split with the gaming public.  How did they obtain this image?  For one thing, this is the company that attempted to purchase advertising on actual tombstones in cemeteries.

This was one of several companies that was founded by former Activision employees that struck out on their own.  Since it was kind of a requirement to pick a name that came BEFORE Activision in the phone book, Acclaim was picked.  Can you name the other companies founded by former Activision employees?  Founded in 1987, Acclaim quickly set out to build a name for themselves by licensing properties from other areas of entertainment and then outsourcing the actual game development.  This is how some games were great while others were lackluster at best when carrying the Acclaim logo.

Some of the titles that Acclaim are remembered for include their home and hand held ports of Mortal Kombat, Double Dragon and release of various Bust-a-Move games in North America.  The company did some good during the life of the company but who else remembers Total Recall on the Nintendo Entertainment System?  When I was younger I actually liked that game but when revisiting, I am wondering what my younger self was thinking.

Acclaim closed their doors on September 1st, 2004.  The assets of the company were spread across the globe and various companies have risen to own various intellectual properties.  What is your favorite Acclaim release over the years?

Carl Williams

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7 Responses to “Acclaim Closes Their Doors – Today in Retro Gaming – September 1st, 2004”

  1. ol school gamer says:

    Acclaim, Midway,Hudson is gone. there go any chances old sckool games revival on ps4 Death of ps4 will be waaaaay to many first person shooters and open world military and zombie games. i would buy a ps4 but to many open world, fps,multiplayer games for me.

    N4g game site is the worst of the worst site.

    • TwinspectreGaming101 says:

      dig deeper you’ll be surprised, PlayStation 4 isn’t only FPS, multiplayer and Zombies. You can still find great games there

      • ol school gamer says:

        what type of games you speaking of?? besides RPG’s/ no more beat ’em ups-shoot em ups. no more sidescrolling games.
        as i said : personally only see Zelda,Kirby,Mario from Nintendo. ps4 multiplayer,fps,any open world and zombie games, few racing games. for sake of disagreeing lets say games i desire no long exist simple fact studio bought out.

        • TwinspectreGaming101 says:

          you can still find all these games on PlayStation 4, well it is not Sony’s fault If you don’t do your research

        • Carl Williams says:

          The problem that you are experiencing is the same one I have wrestled with since the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 came along. Most of the genres and style of games that you are wanting are on the PSN.

          I bet you are looking at retail and not seeing a whole lot of variety there. That is a shame but it is kind of to be expected. Stores will only stock what they think will sell and that is more often than not a sports game, FPS or more recently a racing game of some sort.

          Brawlers, side scrolling action, etc are not popular any more and therefore the ones that do get released on the PS4 are almost guaranteed to be digital only releases. This sucks if you are someone, like me, that prefers physical copies.

          • ol school gamer says:

            Yup, i agree. physical disc is better. sad Brawlers,side scrolling action is no more. i’m not into FPS of any kind . i very like need for speed and Gran Turismo but the reboot 2016 Need for Speed was a let down.

          • Carl Williams says:

            Look for the indie releases. I may have to put together a list of retro style games for readers thanks to your mentioning it. The PS4 and Xbox One have them, just have to wade through a ton of other games to find them.

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