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Radical Heroes Crimson City Crisis Punching Kickstarter for Help Right Now

Brawlers are a standard in gaming that is sorely missing in today’s gaming world.  Sure, there are the occasional fighting game that is not a one on one affair but it is not often and it is not marketed right.  This leads the publisher to declaring the genre a waste of money or dead.  Radical Heroes Crimson City Crisis looks to change that perception but they need your help on Kickstarter.  Apparently a lot of help if their goal is any indication.

They are looking for at least $25,000 in funding on Kickstarter.  Minimum.  For $30,000 there is a “Mystery Goal”, again at $35,000 and another at $40,000.  I know that I am not the one to give “crowdfunding advice” but I can see from the point of a view of a fan that you are going to have to give more information.  Those “mystery goals” could be the difference between getting fans excited or missing your minimum altogether.  It just screams incomplete campaign guys.

Now, with that off my chest, let’s discuss Radical Heroes Crimson City Crisis and why you should be interested in it (that is my job right?).  First, Radical Heroes is “pixel art based” if that is what you are into this is a good example of that style mixed with 3D elements.  Second, remember playing stuff like Rival Turf or Final Fight and wishing you could enter those buildings in the background, if only to explore a bit?  That is possible, sometimes required, in Radical Heroes.  Kind of cool addition there.

Next up, there is a plethora of characters to find, unlock and collect.  Some are a little “too close” to stuff like the Power Rangers line, action movie characters etc but well, they are apparently hoping to fly under the radar on that stuff.  Also, the way levels are handled is interesting.  They are going with another retro theme but in toys.  Remember buying action figures like He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and then buying these playsets (Castle Greyskull, Snake Mountain, etc) for your characters to battle in and around?  Well, in Radical Heroes that idea is back.  You can play and unlock additional playsets (levels and parts of levels) to then play through to unlock more.  Kind of interesting mix of retro fun.

If this sounds fun to you, head over to Kickstarter and drop some support for them.  They already have Apogee lined up to publish the game post-Kickstarter so they have that going for them.  There is even a VR version planned.

Carl Williams

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