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GoldenEye 007 Xbox Live Arcade Remake Footage Released

When Microsoft purchased Rare it was nearly demanded by fans that GoldenEye 007 see an HD re-release.  While that never happened Rare and Microsoft did do their best to satiate fans with remakes of many of Rare’s classic titles.  From Conker’s Bad Fur Day to Perfect Dark – if Rare released it on a Nintendo console and still held the rights to it, it got a remake on a Microsoft console.  All except GoldenEye 007 that is.  Now, footage has been released showing that game off on Xbox 360 in HD glory.

Titled “Half Hour of GoldenEye 007 XBLA Gameply” and uploaded by Youtube user “Rare Thief” this is truly an interesting video.  This video shows off a good chunk of the game and for purists it will be clear that this port was faithful to the Nintendo 64 version.  For hardcore fans this video will just make them mad that this version was never released.  Apparently this build was sent to the ESRB as it contains a notice to them at the beginning that “Game Experience May Change During Online Play.”  That means this version was far enough along to have rated, at least for single player modes.

Also shown in the video is the fact that there is a filter available that will let you turn the graphics back in time to Nintendo 64 levels (a selection our friends at Retrocollect tipped).  This selection is apparently available on the fly as it was in Halo Combat Evolved: Anniversary (another HD remake on the Xbox 360).

There are rumors that the build featured in this video is in the hands of archivists of some sort.  This has obviously not been released to the public yet (that would be a hell of a story).

What game did you always want to see get an HD remake on newer hardware?

Source: Assembler Games Forum

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