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Last Stitch Goodnight Kickstarter Campaign Funded

Out of body experiences probably suck.  I have never had one that I remember but I have not heard good things about them.  Last Stitch Goodnight follows this train of thought too as things are less than glorious for your character.  Besides experiencing an out of body experience you have been kidnapped by an evil doctor who has some not so kind friends.  What is interesting about Last Stitch Goodnight is, well, the way you interact with this surreal world you are thrust into.

“In Last Stitch Goodnight, survival takes more than just brute force,” said Ben Cook, Lead Designer of Well Bred Rhino.  “Each weapon the player finds will also serve as a tool they can use to manipulate their environment, letting them gain access to hidden passageways, experiments best left forgotten, and, ultimately, freedom.”

It is pretty easy to point fingers at Maniac Mansion as being at least a partial source for material in Last Stitch Goodnight.  Both share a huge mansion that you have to traverse to find your way out.  Both feature a side scrolling view of the proceedings.  The differences begin there though.  Last Stitch Goodnight is an action adventure while Maniac Mansion is a straight point and click adventure game.  Last Stitch Goodnight gives you full control of your character in exploration and offensive situations.

I have to admit, I am quite interested in Last Stitch Goodnight.  Not just because it is an interesting 2.5D side scrolling game but I love exploring new locales.  Mansions are big in gaming from Splatterhouse 3 to Resident Evil and Maniac Mansion- big houses are a common setting but still fun.

They still have 23 days on their Kickstarter campaign so you can still throw some support towards this one if you want.  Who knows, if enough people support these types of games we just might get more of them.  Imagine that.

Last Stitch Goodnight by Well Bred Rhino
Genre: Action adventure
Platform: Windows and Macintosh via Steam
Available around April 2017

Carl Williams

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