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Creatures such as we: a portal back to retro gaming.

Hey guys! How are you all? I hope you are doing great. For today, I bring you a review about one great text-based game for iOS and Android: Creatures such as we.

So, earlier today I was wondering about what to write, since I suffered some delays while playing Pokémon Emerald in order to make the third part of the Pokémon special. And, as I did that, I saw an article made by another writer of this website, Carl. When I saw what it was, I could not help but say: “Wait, this is about a text-based game. What have I been playing since a few days ago…? Right. A text based game.”

And, said text-based game is no other than Creatures such as we.

What is this game about?

Creatures such as we is a philosophical interactive romance novel made by Lynnea Glasser. In the game, we will control a character which we will define with characteristics such as gender, race, age, etcetera.

As any other text-based game, our choices will affect the course of the story. Talking about story, what is it about?

Creatures such as we could be seen as a lot of things, a dating sim, a slice-of-life novel, a imagination-powered Sci-fi adventure, and a philosophical reflection about videogames being art.

In the game, you will play as an employee of a lunar touristic station, being your job to be the guide. Who are you guiding? Well… The tourist, who are not but the very devs of the game. With them, you will be able to have romantic issues, long conversations, have fun, be sad, etcetera. It really acomplish the matter of “touching” the player. I don’t know the total ending of the game, but there are more than one, that is sure. As well, there are several ways to get into each ending.

And, I’m sorry if this is short, but this is going to be all for today. I hope you guys liked it, and please, give this game a opportunity!

Also, check out Carl’s article here:

This was all for today, I hope you liked it. And, until the next time we see, Darkaray, is out!


16. Venezuelan. Gamer since I was a child. Lover of J-RPG’s and RTS games. Metalhead. Manga lover. My favorite game is Final Fantasy 9. My favorite band is Trivium. Also, I’m kinda addicted to Tetris.

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