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Sega Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit Receiving Pokemon GO Port

Okay, who amongst you reading this remembers the Sega Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit (VMU)?  For those that do not remember, it was a removable memory card for the Sega Dreamcast console which doubled as a small gaming on the go device.  Since the VMU had a screen, controls and a couple of action buttons, it was easy to see how some developers put games on it.  For the most part the Visual Memory Unit was used as a secondary screen while plugged into the controller.  Some sports games allowed picking plays on it, Resident Evil put the heart rate monitor on it, etc.  Anyhow, Pokemon GO is getting ported to the Sega Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit.  Who wants to place a bet on how long before Nintendo and Niantic take it down?

Yep, this is not an official port – as if there were any that were reading this thinking it was.  The name is sort of misleading as this is not “Pokemon GO” as in the go outside and play game.  This is rather Pokemon GO as in you can play it on the go, like the hand held versions over the years.  Either way, the developer is calling it Pokemon GO so I am going with it, just wanted to make sure you all knew what was going on here.

This Sega Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit version of Pokemon GO will feature randomly generated maps and a plethora of Pokemon to catch.  Now, considering the limitations of the VMU it is probably not going to include all of the Pokemon and their evolved states.  That is just a limitation of the hardware, folks.

Now, how many believe this is going to get shut down prior to it being released, or right after?  I have a hunch it won’t be long before Nintendo and/or Niantic drop a Cease and Desist on this one so grab it when it releases in 2017.

Source: Instagram via The Dreamcast Junkyard Facebook page

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