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Interview – Aetherbyte Keeping the Turbo Grafx-16 Alive in 2016

Aetherbyte, one of the most prolific supporters of the Turbo Grafx-16 console are working hard to keep the defunct NEC machine, and others, alive and well.  The man behind the Aetherbyte is none other than Andrew Darovich who has been working hard on bringing more original Turbo Grafx-16 games to fans for awhile now.  Enough of me blabbering on, read the interview after the jump.

Retro Gaming Magazine) Please introduce yourself
Aetherbyte) I’m Andrew [Darovich], also known as Arkhan on various forums. I’m a 28 year old programmer/musician/moron. I’m the founder of Aetherbyte. We were originally going to be called Surreal Software, but that was already taken. … and then they became defunct in 2010. Oh well. I think I like Aetherbyte more. I mostly care about the PC Engine and MSX, but I like most systems, except the N64. I hate that thing.
RGM) Why develop Turbo Grafx-16 games?
A) I grew up with it, and it’s always been my favorite game machine. Some of my fondest video game memories are from playing Turbo games. Originally, I thought about doing C64, or Sega Genesis, but changed my mind when I discovered that TG-16 had OK looking development tools. I basically had no clue what I was doing either way, so I went with my favorite machine.
RGM) What was your first game released?
A) Insanity. It’s just a Berzerk clone for TurboGrafx-CD. It started as a college project where the instructions were “make something”. I walked in and said “I am making a game for a game console from 1987”, and they thought I was joking. My project was cooler than everyone else’s. I didn’t finish it by the end of the semester, but I did finish it. I chose Berzerk because it seemed easy enough to make, and it’s one of my favorite arcade games. Finishing it is how I proved Aetherbyte was a thing, and could convince someone else to do the art for me. That’s how Paul from Sunteam ended up as our pixel dude. My art is complete crap. That is why Insanity looks horrible. But, I didn’t want to waste someone else’s time if I wasn’t going to finish the game.

RGM) What are you working on now?
A) I am working on Inferno for MSX2. It’s like the 80s flip-screen action/adventure games. Like Draconus or Sacred Armor of Antiriad. It’s set in hell, and is a bit graphic. I like this. Once it’s done, it will be released on cartridge. I am hoping it makes more people in USA notice and care about the MSX. It’s a great computer, but doesn’t seem to get as much attention as it should.
RGM) What are your plans for the future?
A) More TurboGrafx-16 and MSX stuff. I also intend to branch out to a machine where more than 12 people will notice the game when it’s finished. (PC). But, the old stuff is alot of fun to work on, so I keep doing that. We’re also redesigning and making our HuCards better. That way, when we do another Turbo game, it’s on an even nicer card than Atlantean was.



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