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Bomb on Basic City for Sega Genesis Released on Cartridge

Back in June I covered the release of Bomb on Basic City, a new Sega Genesis game by the guy that created Papi Commando.  For those not familiar with Bomb on Basic City, the premise is simple- you control the speed of a plane and dropping bombs on the city below destroying it.  Now, fans of the game or the Sega Genesis itself can enjoy Bomb on Basic City on cartridge thanks to Second-Dimension.

The story behind Bomb on Basic City is pretty cool and features some crossover with the developers other titles.  Papi, from Papi Commando, realizes his town is being invaded by the C++ invaders.  Papi gathers up his wife and takes her to a safe place away from the coming carnage.  With a pain tingling deep down Papi does what has to be done- he must destroy the enemy, even if it means destroying his home town.  He sets off in a single engine plane and begins raining hell down on their heads.

What is even cooler about Bomb on Basic City than the storyline is that it is created in BasieEgaXorz (BASIC for Sega Genesis).  BasieEgaXorz is a programming language for the Sega Genesis that is easier to learn and understand than C++ is, or much closer to the metal Machine Language.  Papi Commando was also created using BasieEgaXorz along with a few other games as covered here on Retro Gaming Magazine.

Second Dimension are handling the publishing duties for Bomb on Basic City and have just released it on cartridge.  The price is about on par with what independently developed games cost in physical format (about $55).  Purchasing a physical copy gets you a manual, case, special artwork and a brand new cartridge (no salvaged parts).  Not only that, but you support the growing independent market.

Carl Williams

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