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Best Import Turbo Grafx-16 Games You Need

In preparation of the 27th anniversary of the Turbo Grafx-16 being released in North America (the 19th for anyone wondering) we have been celebrating in a few ways.  One way was showing how valuable Turbo Grafx-16 and PC Engine games are.  Another was listing the 10 best Turbo Grafx-16 games we saw released here in the states.  Now, due to request by a reader, we are doing a best import Turbo Grafx-16 games that you need to own.  Don’t worry, Strider didn’t make our list.

Some basic rules for this list.  First, I left off Arcade Card CD-ROM games as that add-on is impossible to find and would severely limit the enjoyment most of our readers could get from this list.  Second, no Super Grafx games on this list (again, rarity and cost of entry being the reason).  If you own a Turbo Grafx-16 CD-ROM or a Turbo Duo then you can play the CD-ROM games (format noted with each entry) without a converter.  Hu-Card games require either Japanese hardware or a converter to play on North American consoles.

  • Dracula X: Rondo of Blood (Super CD-ROM). This is one of those titles that you are going to hate for hearing about if you haven’t already heard of it.  Why is that?  Just look at the Ebay prices on this thing and wonder in amazement as you contemplate buying probably the best Castlevania game we never got in the states (the SNES release doesn’t compare).  Grab Dracula X: Rondo of Blood on Ebay.
  • Street Fighter II (Hu-Card) this is quite an impressive port of the arcade game. Sure there are some things missing in this version but for the PC-Engine it is impressive- hell, it is still a solid fighting game in general. Grab Street Fighter II off of Ebay.
  • Spriggan (CD) Fans of overhead scrolling shooters probably already know about this one. This is a classic for the PC Engine and we saw versions of it released in the states as M.U.S.H.A. (who knows what it stands for?).  Grab Spriggan on Ebay.
  • Splatterhouse (Hu-Card) was one that I caught a bit of flak for not having on my previous list. Why did I omit it there?    The Japanese original is the closest to the arcade (of the two) and features aesthetics missing from the North American version.  Grab Splatterhouse on Ebay.
  • Download (CD) This is an overly detailed side scrolling shooter worth your time. The PC Engine was full of scrolling shooters and Download is one of the better ones.  Grab a copy of Download off of Ebay.
  • Son Son II (Hu-Card) is an action platform game with huge levels and a monkey, with a stick. A monkey with a stick folks.  Check this one out on Ebay, you won’t be sorry.
  • Zipang (Hu-Card) Remember Solomon’s Key? Zipang is a graphically superior version with just as devious puzzle rooms to get through.  Grab your copy on Ebay and we will see you next year sometime when you beat it.
  • Parodius Da! (Hu-Card) While I try to keep duplicate genres to a minimum I had to include Parodius Da! On this list because, well, it is a parody of Konami’s Gradius games. It is different and it is irreverent to the source material and it was released by Konami (when they were cool).  You know the drill, grab it on Ebay.
  • Volfied (Hu-Card) Another update to a classic, this time it is Qix. Capture a certain percentage of the screen and progress to the next stage.  Classic gameplay, classic game, updated graphics.  Ebay has it right now.
  • Gomola Speed (Hu-Card) Remember Snake? The classic fruit eating game?  This is that but updated with actual levels full of obstacles to avoid and that ever lengthening body as you progress.  Rather interesting take on the classic game.  Grab it on Ebay.

Carl Williams

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  1. Darren McCoy says:

    Ordyne would be top of my list.

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