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Nintendo Takes Down Pokemon Uranium Hosting, Underground Options Explode

Nintendo’s legal department are being kept quite busy lately.  From taking down nearly three decade old gaming magazines to crushing the dreams of fans, Nintendo is on a roll lately.  This includes another fan dream crushing move- taking down the Pokemon Uranium hosting. I covered the launch of this one here on Retro Gaming Magazine recently.  Now I am writing up them taking down Pokemon Uranium.  I am noticing a trend with fan games based on Nintendo intellectual properties (IP).

It was no surprise that this was going to happen.  The team behind this saw the future when another other big name fan game release, AM2R, was taken down.  As the saying goes though, the show must go on and the team behind Pokemon Uranium had nine years behind them in work to show off.  Show off they did.  The game was quite popular and was making headlines everywhere as being awesome.  Now it is making headlines for being taken down.

For those that did not get a chance to check out Pokemon Uranium, it was a Windows game that used Nintendo owned characters and graphic styles.  While there were over 150 new Pokemon to collect and a whole new type of digital creature, the other additions took the show.  Pokemon Uranium featured online battles with players across the world and also online trading of Pokemon.  These two features were something fans have been wanting for decades and, of course, Nintendo has drug their feet unbearably slow in giving these to the fans.  More information is available in my news article on Pokemon Uranium here on Retro Gaming Magazine.

It is a shame that Nintendo is not taking the route that other publishers have done in the past.  That is the road of working with these independent developers- people that work for nearly a decade knowing they are not going to earn a single penny.  They do it for the love of the game, not the paycheck.  You can’t buy that type of dedication.  Think about it Nintendo.

Carl Williams

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