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Pokemon Uranium Fan Game Released, Get It While You Can

While Nintendo have stepped up and protected their Metroid trademark and copyrights that has not stopped fans from continuing their own versions of Nintendo properties.  One such fan version of a popular Nintendo property is Pokemon Uranium, just released for Windows computers.  The question is, how long before Nintendo shuts this one down too?  While you can still get it, expect new characters, all-new Pokemon, and online features.  For now.

Get your attention yet?  I thought so.  Pokemon Uranium has been in development for about nine years, not quite as long as AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake) was but still, quite a long time.  What has been added to the base idea during that time is more than a couple of things.  Some really cool.

First, there is online play that features battles and trading of Pokemon.  That is the biggest thing in this fan game in my opinion.  I mean, think about that- online trading of Pokemon and battles against others around the world?  How cool is that?  Okay, now that we the online stuff out of the way, did I mention that Pokemon Uranium features over 150 brand new, unofficial if you will, Pokemon to collect, trade and battle.  Yeah, brand new, you aren’t going to see these anywhere else, Pokemon just waiting for you to capture them.  One of the new Pokemon type that has been added by these fan developers is Nuclear type.

Now, they – the fan developers – hope that gamers are able to enjoy their fan version of Pokemon but I have to wonder if this is not nine years wasted?  I mean, you know at the end of the day Nintendo is going to shut you down.  Very few fan developers get picked up by companies and put to work with their skills- this was very common in the late 90’s with modders and first person shooters.

If Pokemon Uranium is still available, head to to download it.  Honestly, I am already drafting the follow up article about Nintendo pulling this one too.

Update: Nintendo has ordered Pokemon Uranium removed now.

Carl Williams

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