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Blackthorne Shows Super Nintendo’s Dark Side – Today in Retro Gaming – August 10th, 1995

When Nintendo launched the whole “Play it Loud” campaign they said it was a change of pace for the company.  They would be partially shedding their “family friendly” image and allowing third party companies to release more mature titles on the Super Nintendo and the Game Boy line of hand helds.  The reasoning for this is murky but I believe it is because of the loss in sales over the censorship of Mortal Kombat 1 which had its lunch ate by the Sega Genesis version.  Anyhow, it was not all that long before we started seeing these more mature titles appear.  One such “darker” game was Blackthorne by Interplay (developed by Blizzard- the company behind Diablo).

Blackthorne was a side scrolling action game with some rather detailed animations.  Things were darker, both in graphics and in storyline, and it was obvious this was one of the newer releases as far as the Super Nintendo version was concerned.

Don’t believe me how dark Blackthorne is?  You can rescue hostages or shoot them.

This is one of those games that the animation can get in the way of enjoying the game.  The action is sometimes intense and other times you are left wandering around the maze like levels trying to find that elusive key card.  Feast or famine, folks.

Interplay was prolific in getting Blackthorne out to fans.  The Super Nintendo version released, then there was a version for 32X, DOS and eventually Macintosh computers and eventually a Game Boy Advance port.  In 2013 Blizzard added the DOS version, using DOSBox, to their service (covered here on Retro Gaming Magazine).

If you are more of a physical media fan then check out Ebay and enjoy Blackthorne on original hardware.  Your purchase helps RGM keep bringing cool articles and features to you regularly.

Carl Williams

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