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Nintendo Taking Action Against Metroid 2 Remake Release

It was rather interesting this last weekend.  We saw the release of AM2R, aka Another Metroid 2 Remake, for Windows computers and I did a 20 articles in less than 48 hours challenge (successfully).  I even posted a spoiler free review of AM2R here on Retro Gaming Magazine.  Sadly, today Monday August 8th, is a day of sad events.  It seems that Nintendo is taking action against the release of AM2R.  For some it may be a “duh” moment, for others it is bewilderment that Nintendo let this project progress for 10 years before challenging it with a cease and desist. Even more mind boggling, Nintendo themselves have nothing prepared to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Metroid.

Nintendo is not new to shutting down fan projects.  They shut down a fan movie based on The Legend of Zelda and one based on Star Fox.  They also have shut down fan games over the years selectively though for some reason.  Such as the Pokemon massively multiplayer online (MMO) game that received a C&D letter.  For every AM2R that is given a C&D there are countless others that for some reason are allowed to live free on the web.

It is a shame that Nintendo is beginning to go down the same road that Sega has travelled many times over.  Stopping fans from providing free fan versions of games could be viewed as hurting the official works but for many fans it is no different than artists giving their take on a comic character.  It is simply fans expressing their love of the source game, too bad the law and Nintendo don’t see things that way.

Could AM2R have been a victim of its own popularity?  Is that why Nintendo put a hold on it immediately after release?  What are your thoughts on this?  I think it sucks.

Carl Williams

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