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Tex Turbo Brings Dr Mario Style Gameplay to Texas Instruments Computer

The Texas Instruments 99/4A computer is not known or being a gaming beast but that is quickly changing.  Sure, Tex Turbo is not going to make you think that but there are plenty of awesome games that will such as the Alex Kidd homage.  Tex Turf though is a puzzle game that is VERY reminiscent of Nintendo’s Dr. Mario puzzle game. 

The basics of Dr. Mario are present in Tex Turf for the Texas Instruments 99/4A.  You are facing a pill bottle in the middle of the screen filled randomly with pills.  Your job is take the pills that fall from the top of the screen and match them up.  The pills are two parters so you can match one half and not the other or if you are lucky, you get a whole pill that is one color.  Once you match four things of the same color, any combination of pill and virus, it will disappear from the screen. This is how you clear the levels and move onto the next.  Simple but devious in how complicated it can get in later levels.

You won’t see a familiar face on the screen tossing the pills into the bottle though.  You also won’t see cute little virus creatures just waiting for their chance to win (you will lose eventually).  What you do get is a clean interface, smiley faced virus’s waiting for you to lose and a clear notification of the next pill coming your way.

Puzzle games are almost timeless.  They don’t need HD graphics, tons of animation or sound effects to be fun.  This is probably why puzzle games are one of the most popular genres in gaming even decades after their release.  It is also probably why so few have problems they can pinpoint with puzzle games outside of gameplay or challenge levels.  Tex Turbo is a homage to a classic from Nintendo that we need to see updates to someday.

Carl Williams

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