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Apple IIe Receives New Role Playing Game Lawless Legends Independently Developed Game

Will independent developers ever give up on classic hardware like the Apple IIe or Nintendo Entertainment System?  I personally hope not.  One big reason is seeing the release of titles such as Lawless Legends for the Apple IIe.  Decades after Apple themselves gave up on the IIe, independent developers are still supporting it with new games.  Not just scrolling shooters either but more intricate releases such as role playing games.  Since I am a huge fan of first person dungeon crawlers I had to check out Lawless legends when I heard about it.

Over on the Github page for Lawless Legends they have the full back story, some basic tips for new players and some information on what is what in the game world.  Considering the lack of detail in Apple IIe graphics it is impossible to have signs over the doors of the buildings detailing what is what.  How the developer got around this is rather interesting and is quite ingenious actually.  Shops that have supplies for your quest are blue so you can easily, from a distance tell what is coming at you as you progress around town.  This also helps you get your bearings quickly- just find familiarly colored buildings and you know where you are.

If you are not a proud owner of a working Apple IIe then hit Ebay and grab one.  If that is beyond your capabilities then just grab the disk files and whatever Apple IIe emulator you prefer. The developer of Lawless Legends recommends using AppleWin.  I am interested in trying this out on the GPD XD (reviewed on Gravis Ludus) since the controls are quite simple and easily mapped to controller buttons.  This could be quite interesting.  I will bring news of how this worked out later.

For now, head over to to grab your free copy of Lawless Legends and just enjoy a new role playing game for Apple IIe.

Carl Williams

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One Response to “Apple IIe Receives New Role Playing Game Lawless Legends Independently Developed Game”

  1. YOUDIEMOFO says:

    Kick ass!.! Look forward to the “hands on” review and how things play out.!

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