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AM2R Return of Samus Review on Windows

What do you do when you are notified by one of your biggest supporters in the gaming community about this new game coming out?  A game that you knew about years ago, or at least heard about it, saw some rumbling in the press recently and it was releasing within the hour (my time flies).  AM2R Return of Samus has just released last night, for those that do not know this is a homage based remake of Metroid 2 from the Game Boy hand held.

You are tasked with eliminating all of the Metroids.  This is a big task but you are the only one that has any experience in this area and can be trusted to complete the job.  That is the backstory for AM2R Return of Samus.  Now, any gamer worth their salt knows that is basically a death sentence for anyone but the best players.  Sorry to break it to you but it is obvious that among us retro gamers are those without the skills to beat a game like AM2R Return of Samus.  Don’t worry, I am among you- the Metroid games have always handed me my butt.  AM2R is no different.  That is the beauty of games though, as we play them we get better.  Someday I will see the ending of AM2R.  Someday.

Let’s discuss AM2R a bit, shall we?  First, this is an updated version of the original Metroid 2 on Game Boy- a title that many bought the little monochrome hand held for (Michael Pesak).  What we have here is a complete overhaul – gone are the 8-Bit visuals and replacing them are graphics that would fit in nicely with the Super Nintendo era.  The game is truly beautiful, especially being viewed by someone like me that misses the 2D adventures of Samus quite a bit.  Not knocking the 3D ones, just not my cup of tea.

Head over to and grab your FREE copy of AM2R Return of Samus as soon as possible.  We are working on an interview with the team responsible for release soon so keep an eye on RGM and tell your friends to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and share!

Update: Nintendo has had the downloads removed for AM2R.  Article here.

Carl Williams

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