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Commodore 64 Receives Shotgun Four Player Deathmatch Game Available Free and as Box Set

It is not often that we are alerted to new Commodore 64 games but when we do get these, we make sure to tell everyone we can about them.  Why?  For me it is simple, I love the Commodore 64 gaming computer.  It is iconic and awesome, I mean, short of the NES name a console with as many fun games to play.  Anyhow, Shotgun is a new four player deathmatch single screen game that was released in May of this year.  I am writing about it now, first because I was just e-mailed about it, and second the publisher has released a boxed set for the game recently.

If you are wondering how in the world you are going to play four players in a game like Shotgun, it is simple.  You will need the Protovision 4-Player Interface to plug in two additional controllers.  If you don’t have access to that accessory, nor care to purchase one, you can still play two player deathmatch in Shotgun.  Playing two player seems like it would lend itself quite well to gamers that grew up playing the classics like Combat on the Atari 2600.

The big news here is, besides Shotgun being available as a free and legal download, is that the publisher has released a boxed set.  In this boxed set you will receive the box, manual and a 5.25” disk with the game on it.  They have not stopped there as for a short period longer there are three surprise items tucked into each boxed set.  I say for a short time because it is still a surprise as no one has spoiled what those three extras are yet.  There is no word on if those prizes will be limited to a certain number of copies sold or not.

If you are no longer rocking a Commodore 64 then you can grab Shotgun, legally, in digital format for use with emulators.  Check out Shotgun while you can!

Update: From the developer we have learned that if you are playing Shotgun via the legally free digital files you can play four player mode using the Commodore 64 emulator, Vice.  Just enable “Userport Joystick Adapter” in the settings.

Head over to to get your copy today.

Carl Williams

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