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5 Disney 16-Bit Games We Want Re-Released That Don’t Star Mickey Mouse

It is no secret that recently Disney re-released three classics on to the popular service.  That is great news and just got me to thinking about what other Disney games from the 16-Bit days that need to be re-released.  It took a bit of work but here is my list.  I already covered the really good Mickey Mouse games here on RGM so I am excluding those from this list just to make it a challenge.



This was an underrated title that too few got to play.  Couple that with the fact that the game is quite good and it is ripe for a re-release.  Action, platforming, adventure elements and a very Ducktales-ish map system but featuring actual challenges to reach new stages make this one stand out.

  • Gargoyles for the Sega Genesis
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I picked the Genesis version over the SNES version because I have played it more.  This was one of the more darker Disney properties, there was no happy go lucky mouse or duck in this one.  Rather the story was quite dismal most of the time.  This translated into an even darker game that was quite a departure from what people know Disney for.

  • Pinocchio for the Super Nintendo
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Okay, this one is probably going to catch me a bit of hell from our friends.  Why?  It is probably an acquired taste as Pinocchio is slightly floaty with his controls.  Get those under your thumb (no pub intended) and you are in for a treat of action, adventuring and avoiding enemies.  What other game lets you paddle on a raft away from a menacing whale? Yeah, thought so.

  • Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow for the Super Nintendo
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Got to go with the SNES version of this one for the additional colors and better sound.  Great game that stars Donald Duck again this time with his alternate secret identity, Maui Mallard.  Get past the bouncy camera and you will find a really fun action platform title inside.

  • Pocahontas for the Sega Genesis
  • Ebay link

There are not a lot of games with a strong female lead but Pocahontas is one.  Set up similar to The Lion King, you are tasked with helping forest animals, collecting fruits and other edible things while exploring the natural world around you.  Levels are quite large and the animation is quite impressive.

What do you have for your favorites?

Carl Williams

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