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Sega Dreamcast Giant Mecha Battle Game Frame Gride English Translation Released

While Sony and the Playstation console had the Armored Core series of games, Sega found themselves again without something comparable.  Sure, on the Sega Saturn we had Gun Griffon thanks to Working Designs but on the Sega Dreamcast there was nothing stateside to compare.  In Japan they had Frame Gride which was about as close as players of Sega’s last console were going to get to the classic Sony Playstation series.  Now, thanks to fans, an English translation of Frame Gride for the Sega Dreamcast is now available.

If you are a giant robot shooting fan then you are going to love Frame Gride.  This is a unique title as it features both melee and projectile weapons- you can switch on the fly as you see fit for the situation you are facing.  Sure, the backgrounds could be better but in the heat of battle are you going to worry about a slightly bland background or are you going to worry about that super detailed monstrosity launching missiles at you?  Thought so.

Frame Gride features fluid gameplay and quite a bit of action.  You could think of this as a giant mecha version of Namco’s classic Cyber Sled.  You are in an arena and fighting one on one with another giant mech.  You can set up your mech as you see fit, upgrade, swap parts etc and make the perfect mech for your play style.

For some reason we never got Frame Gride in the United States, maybe this was one of the many titles that was lost when Sega announced their plan to exit the console market.

It seems few sites that we can link to are interested in carrying the 200+ meg patch file for Frame Gride.  That is a shame as there are gamers out there that want to play as legally as possible.  If you want to cover the physical copy then head over to Ebay and grab one.  When we have a viable source for the patch file I will update this article.

Carl Williams

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