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Fort Djangos New Commodore 64 Action Game Released

The Commodore 64 is a classic computer that most of us here at Retro Gaming Magazine have fond memories of.  This little computer just keeps giving, year after year, decade after decade.  New games are being released for the C64 every day it seems.  One such new game is Fort Djangos by Dr. TerrorZ.  If you like 2D action games then this is right up your alley.

The idea behind Fort Djangos is similar to Mission Impossible, if not a little simpler- you are not having to clear the rooms of searchable items.  You are not looking for evidence or codes of any kind either.  You are however tasked with avoiding the enemies or simply taking them out with your gun (the chosen route for an action game).  Fort Djangos is a single screen action game that is rife with jump scares.  Tell me that after running through a few screens of gold to grab then all of a sudden enemies out the wazoo.  That is going to make anyone jump.

“…the extra large sprites gives a new twist, the animations were very fluid, and being able to shoot from the ladders was a great addition.” says Indie Retro News about Fort Djangos.

What is most impressive about this treasure hunt is that the characters are HUGE.  These are rather large sprites for a Commodore 64.  They are huge sprites for just about any platform really.  I mean, maybe Dragon’s Lair on the Nintendo Entertainment System is able to give these sprites a run for their money but it would barely be able to.

The animation of these large sprites is fluid too.  Something else that is mind boggling due to the size of them.  Things in Fort Djangos are detailed enough- the loot you are after is clearly recognized on the screen while bad guys are clear as day.  That is what matters at the end of the day, right?  Clear objectives, enemies that are not stupidly difficult to get rid of and a bit of fun to be had while doing it.

Fort Djangos is available on CSDB.DK for free.  If you need a Commodore 64 to play on then hit Ebay.

Carl Williams

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