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Oddballs in Gaming: Metroid Prime: Hunters

The Metroid Prime series are one of the most successful attempts at transitioning to 3D for any series. Samus Aran’s journey into the planet Talon IV was a difficult, yet rewarding single player experience. The depth of exploration and air of mystery which surrounded the secrets of Metroid Prime left many players wondering what other secrets the game hid within its majestic scope. The results were nothing short of amazing for Nintendo.

Metroid Prime was not only critically acclaimed, but also commercially successful and warranted multiple sequels. But, one of the sequels was not a part of the main storyline. Metroid Prime: Hunters was a side-story which had barely any relation to the original. Samus was ordered by the galactic federation to investigate a message which promised the ultimate power.
However, in her way there are multiple other bounty hunters who heard the same call and seek to gain this power for their own ends. Samus must fight and defeat the bounty hunters lest the forbidden power falls into the wrong hands. Metroid Prime: Hunters featured 7 characters (including the titular Samus Aran) and all of them had an unique twist.
1. Kanden: A modified super soldier who could scramble your visor with electricity.
2. Sylux: A hitman who hates the federation.
3. Weavel: A space pirate who nearly died in battle and was cybernetically enhanced.
4. Noxus: A bounty hunter who can freeze his enemies.
5. Trace: A soldier of an arachnid looking race.
6. Spire: A diamond based life-form who can walk on lava and climb walls.
7. Samus: The series’ titular heroine.
While the plot was lacking and the single player experience was shallow and forgettable, the multiplayer made MP: H worth it. It was one of the first games on the DS to have awesome online multiplayer. This meant your friends could play with you all over the world. Competition was fierce and sometimes it appeared as if other players were hacking, but for the most part it was a great competitive multiplayer. You could always figure out fun ways to play with your friends.
Unfortunately Metroid Primer: Hunters was also a paradise for trolls. Many hackers found ways to give themselves invincibility and other types of annoying power-ups which skewed the game. Despite this, after the hackers had long since tired of playing a small, but dedicated fanbase remained which played the game until the servers were taken down.
These days if you want to explore the mysteries of the oddball in the Metroid Prime series you could find an used copy cheap. The multiplayer can be played with bots and if you find a group of friends that own it the local still works. While you might not get too much enjoyment out of the single-player campaign the game is still worth taking a look at. An experiment in multiplayer based gaming and probably the precursor to Metroid Prime Federation Force, Metroid Prime: Hunters is quite the strange game.

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