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Splatterhouse 2 Drops Gallons of Blood on Sega Genesis – Today in Retro Gaming – August 3rd, 1992

Splatterhouse 2 was the first title in the series to hit a Sega console.  The first game was an arcade game and hit the home on the PC Engine/Turbo Grafx-16 console.  Namco continued the 2D side scrolling action with this sequel.  Blood poured and guts fell as you progressed in this 16-Bit action game.

The story behind Splatterhouse 2 is that it has been three months since the events of the first game.  Your girlfriend is still in danger and you must save her.  The story is quite cliché but it is decent.

Changes made in Splatterhouse 2 include giving Rick, the mask wearing hero you control, new moves such as the slide kick.  There are plenty of weapons scattered around the levels too- all of which are great for bludgeoning your grotesque enemies.

For those that have not played the first Splatterhouse, I will not ruin the story.  Suffice to say there were more than one mansion to deal with.  Think “hidden in plain site”.

Graphically speaking, Splatterhouse 2 improves on the first game in many ways.  There is multiple parallax scrolling pieces in the background/foreground.  Enemies seem to have a few more frames of animation- usually displayed in their death animations.  Namco did try to do too much with Splatterhouse 2 on the Sega Genesis- such as transparencies.  The system just doesn’t do them well so we had that “pixel mesh” that is in most Genesis games.

If you don’t have a copy of Splatterhouse for your collection then head over to Ebay and get a copy.  If you have access to the Virtual Console on a Nintendo console then you are in luck.  Splatterhouse 2 is available there.  Everyone else check out the 2010 remake that includes a copy of all three (I believe) Splatterhouse games.

Carl Williams

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