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Enix Brings 7th Saga Stateside While Ignoring Gamer Pleas for Dragon Warrior 5 – Today in Retro Gaming – August 3rd, 1993

Who remembers the strong 8-Bit finale that Enix gave us as they wrote off the Nintendo Entertainment System?  They gave gamers ALL four Dragon Warrior games.  In Japan these games were called Dragon Quest- and in recent years Square Enix has resurrected them under that name on mobile platforms.  Anyhow, when the Super Nintendo came along, I with a lot of other gamers I am sure, was excited to see Dragon Warrior V release.  I remember reading in Electronic Gaming Magazine and Diehard Gamefan about the Japanese release of DQV and how cool it looked.  Then they started covering this new game, Elnard in Japan but 7th Saga in the United States.  While I was not going to hold it not being Dragon Warrior V against it, I would be lying if I said I was not a little disappointed in it not being the fifth installment of that venerable series.

7th Saga featured a battle system that was quite a departure from the Dragon Warrior series.  First, when you are travelling around the over world and encounter enemies, the perspective shifts using Mode 7 effects.  It is a gimmick that actually works and doesn’t drag on like most gimmicks do.

When starting out you have your choice of seven different characters.  Pick one and as you play through 7th Saga you will eventually encounter the other six characters.  The story is decent and worthy of playing through and paying attention as you go.  I won’t waste your time recounting it here as it is quite long and could be filled with spoilers.

Enix, prior to the merger with Square, was a unique publisher who took chances.  7th Saga being one of them.  It was not a commercial success or anywhere near a runaway success but there is a cult following for it.

Missed out on 7th Saga?  Check out Ebay and grab a copy and pop it in your Super Nintendo.

Carl Williams

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