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Classic Game Publishers Publishing Boulder Dash on Intellivision Publishing Agreement Ending

In the retro gaming world it is not as common as it should be that companies, or developers, get permission to release the games they do.  That is why we work hard to promote those few companies and individuals that do get the rights to the games they publish.  For instance, Classic Game Publishers have the rights to release Boulder Dash on the Intellivision console.  This is a co-publishing deal that is ending soon.

Boulder Dash is a classic arcade style game that is well known around the world.  Classic Game Publishers have been selling copies of the game, complete in box, for a while now.  Come August 15th, 2016 they will no longer be able to do that.  That is a shame as it seems the agreement will not be renewed.

Boulder Dash was originally published by First Star Software in 1985 on Atari 8-Bit computers.  Since then the game has seen many sequels and release on a plethora of consoles and computer platforms.  Peter Liepa and Chris Gray created Boulder Dash in late 1983 and sold the rights to First Star Software shortly thereafter.

Previous Classic Game Publishers titles such as Space Patrol also on the Intellivision easily fetch upwards of $200 on the aftermarket.  Copies of Boulder Dash for the Intellivision will come serial numbered and are the only legal way to enjoy Boulder Dash.  This will probably be the last legal method of enjoying it on this classic console.  Keep that in mind.

Want to grab your copy of Boulder Dash on the Intellivision?  Head over to and support those making legal games for classic consoles.  Without your support these companies will not be able to continue doing what they do and that would really suck.  Legal retro games don’t happen every day- please support them when they do.

Carl Williams

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One Response to “Classic Game Publishers Publishing Boulder Dash on Intellivision Publishing Agreement Ending”

  1. Carbonated Lithium says:

    There is an Easter Egg in the game with 5 unique to Intellivision caves!

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