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Sega Genesis Earthworm Jim Brings Disgusting Television Commercials to Gamers – Today in Retro Gaming – August 2nd, 1994

Okay, this is one of those that I find hard to keep on topic type articles.  The marketing campaign for Earthworm Jim was genius.  It was disgusting.  It was iconic.  It was in your face and like NOTHING else on television at the time.  That was how you made an impression with people seeing your ad.  Playmates Interactive did a fine job in imprinting their commercial on the minds of anyone that saw it.  It was like opening a can of worms, no pun intended.  Action platform fans found a really cool game in the cartridge when they bought Earthworm Jim, if they were able to stomach the commercial.

Earthworm Jim is one of those weird, but interesting, action games that were either hit or miss with fans.  The 16-Bit era was a time of experimentation and taking chances.  Shiny Entertainment, developers of Earthworm Jim, had the right mix of action and comedy (something hardly explored in gaming).  One minute you are launching cows with an old refrigerator, the next you are getting your butt chewed by a junkyard mutt.  Another has you dodging nipping crows and bouncing on old used tire hills.  That is just the first level!

The idea behind Earthworm Jim is that a super suit has fallen and Jim, a normal earthworm, climbs into it.  The suit comes to life and Jim is able to walk around, jump, shoot and climb like a person can.  He can even use himself as a whip when needed.

Shiny Entertainment went onto create a sequel to Earthworm Jim that appeared on the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn (but not on Sony Playstation) and Windows computers.  This little worm got around.  If you are missing Earthworm Jim from your collection, hit Ebay and grab a copy today.  We appreciate your support for using our affiliate link.

Carl Williams

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