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Virtua Fighter Kids Kidifies Sega Classic 3D Fighter – Today in Retro Gaming – July 31st, 1996

Sega was not a company that was scared to take chances with their franchises.  At least this is true during the Sega Saturn era- maybe this is what ultimately led to their downfall?  Take the popular Virtua Fighter franchise, this was a reason to own a Sega Saturn in the mid 90’s since Sega was not a third party developer to anyone.  Virtua Fighter Kids makes use of the Virtua Fighter 2 engine to great effect.  If you were into “super deformed” or “kiddie versions” that were popular in Japan around this time then you had to have this game.

The Sega Saturn release featured a few additional items that were not in the arcade game.  These include new full motion videos, programmable button sequences for combos and of course not requiring quarters to keep playing.  The home version of Virtua Fighter Kids was one of those “fun” fighting games that you could pull out and just play.

The kid versions of the various Virtua Fighter characters are sometimes funny and sometimes just a little weird (wait till you see Dural).  The underlying fighting engine is all Virtua Fighter 2 though so you can rest assured that there was a serious component available if you chose to.  Sega knew how to make fun games.

There was no sequel released for Virtua Fighter Kids but there were references in other Sega games.  These little references kept the spirit of this game alive, even if it was never to be re-released or remade.  If you have played a lot of Shenmue then you probably have discovered the Akira Yuki and Sarah Bryant figurines.  Also, in Fighter’s Megamix we were treated to those same two fighters’ kid versions being playable.  Like I said, the spirit was kept alive.

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Carl Williams

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