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Retro-Bit Generations is Nintendo Minis True Competition Not AtGames Sega Genesis Re-Release

There is a lot of hoopla going on right now about the Nintendo Mini and the re-release of previous iterations of the Sega Genesis by AtGames.  While this is interesting it is not really what people are claiming- it is not Sega and Nintendo reviving their rivalry nearly 30 years later.  This is partly because it is not Sega releasing the Sega Genesis again- it is AtGames.  That Genesis is also not making its debut for the first time- that hardware and software collection has been released several times before by AtGames.  No, the true competitor for the Nintendo NES Mini is another, relatively unknown plug and play that is coming out about the same time.  Ladies and gentlemen, the Retro-Bit Generations.

The Retro-Bit Generations will not be packaged with 30 games that gamers have been conned into purchasing several times over on Virtual Console.  No, the Retro-Bit Generations will be packed with over 100 titles, features an SD card slot, two Sega Genesis/Mega Drive style USB controllers (USB ports for using your own controllers and adapters) and HDMI out.  As you can see, the Retro-Bit Generations is more on par as far as modern options to the Nintendo NES Mini than the AtGames Sega Genesis re-release.

While the AtGames Sega Genesis features about 80 games, 40 original Sega Genesis games and 40 “homebrew” but that seems like an insult to homebrew in some cases.  Anyhow, they advertise nearly 100 games on the AtGames model.  The Retro-Bit Generations will feature over 100 titles including but not limited to NES, Super NES and arcade games.  Some of the titles that have been leaked include Rival Turf (SNES game), Kickle Cubicle, Super R-Type (SNES), Super Bases Loaded, Knights of the Round, Brawl Brothers, Captain Commando, Kung Fu, Kid Niki, Gun Smoke, Ghosts ‘N Goblins and more.  As you can see, the collection on the Retro-Bit Generations is much more varied than the Nintendo NES Mini or the AtGames Sega Genesis re-release.

Their site is currently down but Retro-Bit Generations will be back up shortly.

Carl Williams

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