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Sega Genesis Receives First Batman Game – Today in Retro Gaming – July 19th, 1990

Batman has always been a hot commodity in gaming.  The majority of games based on the caped crusader are good.  This is a contradiction to licensed games in general though as most are horrible, particularly those based on movies.  The Sega Genesis version doesn’t follow the movie 100% to a “T” but there is a lot here to make it clear that the movie is the main source.  Interestingly, this game almost didn’t make the jump to North America thanks to the overbearing contracts Nintendo had on third parties at the time.

Batman for Sega Genesis is a side scrolling 2D action game feature light brawling aspects.  You can use your Batarang, fists and feet to take out enemies.  Unlike the Nintendo Entertainment System of this game you are not going to be using more than those three weapons.  The NES game gave you a few extra special weapons to use on the bad guys.  In return for trading in those extra weapons Batman on Sega Genesis gives you access to the Batmobile and Batwing vehicles at key intervals in the story.  There are a few other liberties taken when it comes to the story but that is to be expected.

A lot of reviewers over the years have pointed out that Batman on Sega Genesis is not challenging (even though there are limited continues) and it is short (though it includes additional levels not found in the NES game).  Difficulty in gaming is hard to convey since it is all dependent on your skill level.  For the most part, you will probably not have much trouble with Batman on Sega Genesis.

Fans of the Dark Knight will enjoy the throwback to a 2D world.  There are still new games being made based on Batman- Telltale games just got the rights to do a game for instance.

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Carl Williams

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