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Wisdom Tree Arkade Plug n Play Brings 7 Christian Classic Nintendo Entertainment System Titles

Ah Kickstarter.  The service that just a few years ago was heralded as the savior of independent video game creation.  It is interesting the amount of damage a few very high profile failures can do to that reputation.  Fans are now quite cynical of the service and just about anything using it to secure funding for a project.  This is a shame because there are a lot of interesting projects on Kickstarter.  Depending on your stance on Bible based video games and plug n play devices you may be interested in the resurgence of Wisdom Tree with the Arkade.

Okay, for many gamers the whole “Bible based video games” genre may be completely and utterly unknown.  On modern consoles it is pretty much nonexistent.  Back 20+ years ago it was not so uncommon, still not mainstream but still bigger than today.  Wisdom Tree was the leading company in this genre and they were producing unlicensed titles for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  There were other, licensed by Nintendo, companies that touched on stories similar to the Bible but they went with the much more mainstream “Greek mythology” angle.  Wisdom Tree were pretty much alone in their own little genre.

The Wisdom Tree Arkade is a plug and play device that features seven games from their catalog.  These are all Nintendo Entertainment System games running on a Nintendo on a Chip (NOAC) setup.  The Wisdom Tree Arkade fits completely within a Nintendo Entertainment Styled controller.  This answers the concerns of a lot of people that are turned off of plug n play devices- the shape of the device itself.  Most go for a design that is similar to the licensed product rather than being comfortable for the player.  The Wisdom Tree Arkade is a familiar design, will draw nostalgia amongst fans and is compact and portable.  If you don’t remember how big the NES controller was, it was quite small.

Titles included are:
Sunday Funday
Spiritual Warfare
Joshua- The Battle of Jericho
Bible Adventures
King of Kings
Bible Buffet

Hit Kickstarter to pledge to the Wisdom Tree Arkade.  Head over to Piko Interactive’s website and check out their work on the Wisdom Tree Arkade and other games and platforms.

Carl Williams

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