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An introduction to retro gaming.

It is not an easy task to play retro games when you are accustomed to modern ones. That’s why I prepared a little list of three tips that can serve you as to how to introduce yourself in retro gaming. I hope you like it!

1.- Prepare for difficulty.

This was one of the things that, I must say, held me back the most when I tried to merge in this world. I mean, we have grown numb to difficulty, having minimaps, ally NPC’s, and such. It has been a long time since a game has really been a challenge. Maybe you should try playing modern difficult games, like any of the Souls saga (Demon & Dark Souls), in order to get this in your head: not every challenge is fair, much less easy. Then don’t try and play a Megaman, or a Contra. Not even Castlevania or Metroid. Ghost ‘N Goblins is out of the question. It may seem dumb, but… Try to start with some Marios, Kirbys, Zeldas, etcetera. Like, really “soft” stuff, until you learn the difference between 3D and 2D games.

2.- Beauty does not always comes in 1080p.

Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t look at modern games and say “damn, this is gorgerous”?. Everyone does. And it’s not easy to see pixelated games and say that. You have to learn to think differently about what is gorgeous. You even need to change the way you look at certain things. Learn to appreciate the own way of extreme detail that pixels give.

3.- There is a whole world out there.

And, to this day, it is currently expanding. You have tons of games to play, for every console, for every genre that you like. And even today, mods are coming out of/for those games. So don’t stick only with the classics. Explore more, find hidden gems. That is a quest that is completely up to you, and you can fulfill it!

And well, that was all for today. It may seem like a short article, but, at least, for me, and, as I said before, those are the things that held me back the most when I wanted to submerge in this world we call retro gaming. I hope you liked it, and, until the next time we see, Darkaray, is out!


16. Venezuelan. Gamer since I was a child. Lover of J-RPG’s and RTS games. Metalhead. Manga lover. My favorite game is Final Fantasy 9. My favorite band is Trivium. Also, I’m kinda addicted to Tetris.

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