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Duck Hunt Gets VR Treatment by Fan

Anyone that played video games back in the 1980’s, and more recently, probably has played Duck Hunt.  You at least know what it is.  This was a simple light gun game that actually used very interesting techniques.  The game was a pack-in for the Nintendo Entertainment System for years along with the light gun it needed to be played.  Now, thanks to fans, 32 years later, Duck Hunt lives on thanks to virtual reality headsets.

Duck Hunt Life is pretty interesting.  You are no longer stationary in the game world.  You can move around a clearing that is surrounded by brush and trees.  The dog that you could not shoot before is back, you still cannot shoot him.  The ducks will appear all around you so you are constantly having to turn around and position yourself for the best possible shot.  That is all going on in the very limited amount of time, and bullets, you have to complete each challenge.

Joseph Delgado, the programmer behind Duck Hunt Life did not stop at just recreating the field.  He has also recreated the clay pigeon range and added a club house to the fun.  His hardware of choice is the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 and a Razer Hydra controller to move around the game world.  The light gun is recreated in the game thanks to a 3D printed model.  The results are pretty cool, though disorienting if you are not watching them on a VR headset.

What other retro titles do you feel would do well to have a 3D VR game modeled after them?  I would think that just about any light gun game would be awesome.  Imagine playing Hogan’s Alley but you are now able to walk around the locations and interact with the items.  What about bringing an updated Ridge Racer or Mario Kart to VR?

Carl Williams

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  1. YOUDIEMOFO says:

    Now that is cool!!

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