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Bubble Bobble: Review!

Hey guys! How are you all? I hope you are all doing great. Well, for today, I bring you a review about what was, probably, the first retro game I ever played. I hope you enjoy it!

Well… What to say about Bubble Bobble? First released in 1986 by Taito, it is an action platformer. Later on, it was ported to various game sistems, as well to pc’s.



In the game, we will take control over two twin dragons, Bub and Bob. This enabled the co-op game, which, I have to say, when I played it with my father, it was so, so fun. Well, the thing is that, an evil baron, Von Bubbla, kidnapped our protagonists girlfriends, and, after that, made them become the dragons they are now.


As I said before, we will take control over the two dragons. Each one is capable of moving on the platforms, as well as jumping to higher ones and falling to lower ones. The game screen does not scroll, this means that we will be aware of the complete level layout all the time. Sometimes, a gap will appear at the bottom of the level. If a player falls in that gap, he will reappear at the top of the level.

In order to win the game, we will have to blow bubbles to the enemies, in order to trap them. Then, we must jump towards them and touch the bubble in order to pop it. This way, we will defeat the enemies. But, we must be careful not to touch the enemies, for we will lose a life if we touch any enemies/projectiles.

As for the ending, this game was one of the first ones to feature multiple ones. If you completed the game in single-player mode, a message saying “Come back with your friend”, referencing to play co-op, would appear. Then, if the do this, a happy ending will show, in which our characters will return to their human form, and get back with the girlfriends. Then, another message will appear, with a code that, once deciphered, enables a new type of gameplay, a faster one. Once we reach the end, another scene will happen. ¿What occurs in this scene?. Well… I’ll let you guys beat the game in order to find out!

This was all for today, I hope you liked it. And, until the next time we see… Darkaray, is out!



16. Venezuelan. Gamer since I was a child. Lover of J-RPG's and RTS games. Metalhead. Manga lover. My favorite game is Final Fantasy 9. My favorite band is Trivium. Also, I'm kinda addicted to Tetris.

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One Response to “Bubble Bobble: Review!”

  1. YOUDIEMOFO says:

    I seriously could not get enough of this game!!

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