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Sega Dreamcast Receives Re-Release of Wind and Water Puzzle Battles

Most Sega Dreamcast owners know of a little game called Wind and Water Puzzle Battles.  This is obviously a puzzle game for the Sega Dreamcast.  What is unique about this one is the game play.  Also, it was just re-released by the publisher at a new lower price.

Setup similar to Bejeweled style games, you are required to make matches in Wind and Water Puzzle Battles to remove the little icons.  That sounds simple, right?  It always does.  Unlike the classic Popcap game, and the myriad of clones that followed, you are not limited to pieces that are near each other.  You can move pieces from anywhere on the screen to another location to make a match.  I don’t have to tell you that this is not exactly the best tactic though as that takes time and a massive amount of clicking around the screen.

Instead, focus on the pieces near each other and make quick matches to finish your opponent.

Puzzle games, good ones at that, are hard to come by.  Most independent developers want to focus on overhead shooters or action games.  There are a whole lot of retro gaming fans out there that are not fans of those genres though.  Thankfully Wind and Water Puzzle Battles shows that there can be good games released that are not action or shooter based.

There are various mini games, hand drawn graphics, tons of levels and several modes of play available.  Arcade, puzzle and versus modes are featured in Wind and Water Puzzle Battles.  The story mode apparently features 20 hours of gameplay.  I am not sure about that but it sounds good.

The re-release is available for about $10.  You get a 40 page manual, professionally printed CD and jewelcase for that money.

Head over to to grab your copy of Wind and Water Puzzle Battles for the Sega Dreamcast. has it in stock right now, great for those in the USA looking for a copy.

Carl Williams

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