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Dashin Desperadoes Updates Spy vs Spy Formula for Love – Today in Retro Gaming – July 6th, 1993

Not since the days of Spy vs Spy had gamers had an action game that allowed two players to just beat the heck out of each other.  Bonus since Dashin Desperadoes added a love interest while Spy vs Spy was all about getting secrets.  This is one of the best games to show off the power of your Sega Genesis too- watch as the two halves of the screen display the action.  Try that on Super Nintendo, shoot, try this frenetic gameplay with one screen let alone two.

As mentioned already, there is a love interest in Dashin Desperadoes.  You are racing the blond haired cowboy to the mutual love interest that waits at the end of each level.  Along the way you have to use bombs, traps and anything else you can think of to stop your opponent.  This is where the fun comes in since you have to worry about more than just the enemy.

Dashin Desperadoes is a 2D side scrolling action game with a fair bit of charm.  In single player mode the blond haired cowboy is controlled by the computer.  Bring a second player along and you have a rather hectic fun time ahead of you.  This is the perfect game for when you have a friend over but cannot think of any good two player games to enjoy.

When you think of classic retro games a 2 player competitive action game is probably not what you think of.  Data East had a rather interesting game on their hands, too bad they didn’t realize it at the time.

There has not been a sequel to Dashin Desperadoes which is unfortunate.  The idea is solid, the graphics are still quite good and the gameplay is as fun as ever.  Let’s play some trivia.  What does the box art for Dashin Desperadoes have in common with Nintendo Power Magazine?


Carl Williams

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6 Responses to “Dashin Desperadoes Updates Spy vs Spy Formula for Love – Today in Retro Gaming – July 6th, 1993”

  1. msd525 says:

    They both modeled characters in plasticine for their covers?

    • Carl Williams says:

      You got it! Congratulations. Where are you located? If possible I have a prize headed your way for being the first to answer the question hidden in this article.

      • msd525 says:

        I’m in Georgia (USA). No need to send a prize. I forget, is this a British site?

        • Carl Williams says:

          Our main team is in the USA. We are primarily focused on North American gaming. So I guess we are a US site. Lol.

          We do cover a lot of stuff that was not released in the USA because fans read it and it is often new stuff to many of our readers.

          • msd525 says:

            They used these characters from Dashin Desperados in Spinmaster in 1994. I assume they were meant to become mascot-like characters for the company.

            edit: Wikipedia says they’re “almost” the same designs, so not the same characters.

          • Carl Williams says:

            Thanks for the information. I thought they looked familiar but not 100% like characters from Spinmaster. Interesting to note that Data East didn’t go ahead and re-use them in that game.

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