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Top 5: Characters from Final Fantasy IX.

Hey guys!

Well, first, I think I should introduce myself. Hello, my name is Omar Gómez, altough some call me Darkaray, or Dark, so I have that as my name on the Internet. Still, you can call me whatever you like. I hope to get along well with you all, as well I hope to get along well with the rest of the staff.

But well, let’s continue!

Note: the list will not contain any of the main playable characters, and it will contain some minor yo major spoilers.

5.- Blank

ffmux__ff9_blank_redesign_by_the_zA thief member of the Tantalus group. We met him for the first time when we are beginning the game, as he helps us defeat Baku, the leader of Tantalus. Later on, we will be able to use him a couple of times.

Apart from having a little side quest, this character is the protagonist of one of my favorite scenes of the game, which is the persecution at the Evil Forest. Also, I should mention that, while this scene is happening, the song that we can hear is spectacular. You can hear it here: The Petrification of Blank.

He may not be a character with a tremendous back story, but, he sure is one of the funniest ones through the game, and he will help the party in various occasions too. This, alongside the cut scene, makes him be number five in my Top 5: Characters from Final Fantasy IX.


4.- Cid Fabool IX

Cid_Fabool_FFIX_Art_1Ruler of Lindblum, successor of his father, Regent Cid Fabool VIII. Following the tradition of the franchise, Cid is the inventor of the airship. He had a little… Problem, with his wife, turning him into a Oglop.

Still, and despite being in this form, he will help our party in various occasions (being some of them crucial for the story). Also, we will play a mini-game in which we will control him as an Oglop.

So, a mini-game, a classic character, he gives us a airship, saves us a couple of times… Is there anything else to say? Ladies and gentlemen, with you, Cid Fabool IX, number four in this top!




3.- General Beatrix

Tumblr_l89asfpc1t1qd5n9xo1_500Well, in the third place, we encounter the General Beatrix. A noble, proud and loyal general to Alexandria and the Alexandrian royal family. She is confident in her ability as a soldier, and can be seen as being arrogant because of this (being her the top general and most trusted warrior of the all-female army of Alexandria).

She will be the one who possesses the heart of our dear Steiner. Even though she, at first, shows complete loyalty to Queen Brahne, she will start doubting of the actions that, both her and the queen, make. In the end, she will realize that, it’s not the queen whom is worthy of all of her loyalty, but the people of Alexandria, and will join Steiner when fighting to protect their country.

Also, she has the prettiest theme of all the characters (and one of the best tracks of the whole game), which would be: Rose of May.  All of this, places her in the third place!


2.- Zorn and Thorn

Zorn&ThornWe are approaching the end of our top, and, for the second place, we have got Zorn and Thorn. Villains that we will fight in various times, Zorn and Thorn are the personal jesters of Queen Brahne. Practically, the only thing that can make us see the difference between each one, is the color of their clothes: Zorn wears blue, while Thorn wears red.

Maybe it is just personal taste of mine, since I’m a big fan of all that surrounds the Commedia de’ll Arte and all that surrounds it, as well as all the things that came up later thanks to it. So, they being jesters may affect a lot my way of thinking about them. Still, I find them to be one of the funniest characters in all the game, specially in the Spanish translation. Also, their musical theme is one of the funniest ones: Jesters of the Moonless Sky.

All of this, places them in the second place. And, for the first one, I would recommend to be careful, since it might have spoilers in it. Still, for the first place, we have…


1.- Necron

Necron-ffixAnd, ending my top, we have in the first place no one other than the final boss of the game, Necron, or Eternal Darkness.

Why is he the number one, you might ask, and, why not, I might respond. I mean, let’s look at all what Necron represents. It represents death, fear, hatred. It is the incarnation of the dark side of humanity, and, still, he says that he will save us, by destroying us, that is.

The speech that he gives makes an almost wintery chill run down my back every time I read it. All the things he says, and, later on, how he is defeated, not by the party, but by the will to live that the party has. Truly, a grandiose character, even though we only meet him a little before the last fight.

And, well, that’s all for today. I hope you guys enjoyed it, and, if you have a different opinion, feel free to share it in the comments below! And, until the next time we see… Darkaray, is out!



16. Venezuelan. Gamer since I was a child. Lover of J-RPG's and RTS games. Metalhead. Manga lover. My favorite game is Final Fantasy 9. My favorite band is Trivium. Also, I'm kinda addicted to Tetris.

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