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Power Rangers on Sega Genesis and Game Gear

The Power Rangers are returning next year with a reboot of the franchise for movie goers.  By now you have heard that they have recast Rita Repulsa as a more seductive character (covered over on Gravis Ludus).  Since we have a rather long wait, it is not coming out till early 2017, I figured let’s look at the Power Ranger games on the Sega Genesis and Sega Game Gear.  There is a bit of variety within these licensed games but are they any good?

Just be prepared, the games in this list have the difficulty on the high side.  Players of all ages will probably experience more than a few moments of frustration.  They are all fighters of some sort so if you are not a fan of one on one or brawlers then you won’t enjoy any of these games.

  • Power Rangers Game Gear

For an 8-Bit hand held you would not expect a lot out of the Power Rangers game for the Game Gear.  What is interesting is how well it handles the license.  Sure, it is no Street Fighter II but what is here is more than enough to hold the attention of the younger player.  The action is fast paced as you take out “putty” henchmen that jump on screen from both sides.  What is cool though, your character automatically turns to face the enemy- this helps drop some of the possible frustration.  You will face one enemy at a time, probably due to the limitations of the Game Gear hardware.

  • Power Rangers the Movie Game Gear

The last 8-Bit Power Rangers game is probably the most impressive.  First, there is parallax scrolling here- not that forced scrolling stuff that Nintendo had to have special chips to pull off on their NES either.  While not on par with 16-Bit platforms, it is a nice surprise to see, especially considering the action going on with the characters on screen.  Again, you are fighting one enemy at a time and have only a few moves to perform.  Also frustrating as all get out.  If you have a Game Gear this is a great title to show off the power of Sega’s 8-Bit.

  • Power Rangers the Movie Sega Genesis

Okay, there is a game with this name on the Super Nintendo and let me tell you right now.  The SNES version is not as good.  The Sega Genesis version gives you full movement around the level just like Streets of Rage.  The Super Nintendo version treats the license like you are playing in a scrolling Fatal Fury game.  Again, the difficulty is set rather high but fans won’t mind.  Punch, kick and jump your way through the battles.

  • Power Rangers Sega Genesis

This is a straight up one on one fighting game for the Genesis.  While no Street Figher II, Power Rangers does hold its own fairly well against all other offerings of the genre on the Genesis.  I you win the first round of your battle you will fight in the Megazord.  Lose and it is back to the beginning to either pick another fighter.  Not super deep but neither is the license.

Know of a good licensed game, doesn’t have to be Power Rangers, which you think others need to know about?  Let us know.

Carl Williams

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