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New Game- Marlow in Apocalyptic Acid World Released for Windows

Okay, that title is a little wild but the idea behind the game is going to be familiar to a lot of readers.  Marlow in Apocalyptic Acid World is a 2D side scrolling action platform title- sound familiar?  There are a lot of similarities to the Super Mario series, without pulling a Gianna Sisters copying of the first level though.  Marlow does attempt to step out on its own though.

The developer states in his release for Marlow in Apocalyptic Acid World that he feels modern platforming games have too much text.  Too much stuff distracting the gamer from the task at hand- jumping on enemies, beating levels and winning.  He flat out states that Super Mario Bros and its sequels were inspiration for Marlow in Apocalyptic Acid World – not that that is a bad thing.

This game was created using the Arcade Game Studio program, which according to Marlow’s developer was not intended to make Super Mario style games.  He has worked with it, massaged the code a bit and worked around limitations to attain the level of quality that he has with Marlow in Apocalyptic Acid World.

The worlds are varied, much like the Super Mario games, and there are a ton of enemies based on the world they are encountered in.  In a sort of a nod to Sonic the Hedgehog, Marlow has to collect water bubbles for air in the underwater stages.  Bosses have patterns that must be learned in order to conquer them and the rest of the Super Mario trappings are here.  Run and jump, bust blocks, avoid enemies, collect money (gems here) and generally stay alive.

Marlow in Apocalyptic Acid World is the second attempt by this developer to create a new original game.  Check out his work, it is free to download, modify and even rework into your own game.

Marlow in Apocalyptic World is available on, Gamejolt and Indie Game Stand.  The homepage is here.

Carl Williams

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