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Twin Maze Sega Master System Work in Progress

New games for the Sega Master System seem to be more varied than for other platforms.  Not saying that is a bad thing against other platforms receiving new games by fans, just an observation.  This could be because the Sega Master System has such a limited variety of games in the first place.  This situation is thanks to Nintendo air tight contracts and Sega not understanding the power of 3rd parties at this time.  Spilled milk as they say.  Twin Maze is looking to add to the maze genre which is lacking on most platforms.

Right now, Twin Maze is quite limited.  There is a valid two player option available but it is not complete.  Since this is a work in progress it is easy to turn off the critical eye for a bit.  At the moment you, and another player, can explore a maze.  There are no monsters, no items to collect and there is no exit just yet.  Those are all things planned for a future release.

The perspective in Twin Maze is quite similar to classics such as Alternate Reality: The Dungeon and City, Phantasy Star 1’s dungeons (though not full screen) and Double Dungeons on the Turbo Grafx-16 (PC Engine everywhere but North America).  To me, the first person perspective is the best one for a dungeon romp.  Everything else just seems to pull you out of the game unnecessarily.

The author, user “haroldoop”, plans on including several modes to Twin Maze, eventually.  First, there will be a death match mode (chase the scum down and end them) and a co-operative mode (help that same scum escape the maze).  Also, there will eventually be more to Twin Maze including monsters, presumably items and weapons to help defend/fight against those monsters (and in the death match mode) and more little things to complete the game.

Head over to and grab your copy of Twin Maze and just enjoy getting to follow along as a game is created.

Carl Williams

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