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3D City, Rails Based Shooter, for Sega Master System Work in Progress

3D City is a work in progress shooter for the Sega Master System.  Anyone that has played a lot of retro games in their time will recognize the style as a rails, or forced scrolling, shooter.  The basic game play is simple, shoot the incoming ships before they reach you.  Miss four of them and it is game over.  3D City was originally written in BASIC for the Sega SC-3000 8-bit micro computer, retooled in C/Z80 Assembler for the Sega Master System.

The game may seem simple but it can get challenging as ships speed up and come more frequently.  Much like the classic arcade games of the early 80’s, 3D City’s challenge comes in from the inherent need on the part of the player to continue.  It only takes one shot to end the enemy ships but it can be quite tough when you have many bogeys approaching your position from multiple parts of the screen.  The reason this is so tough is because you are using the controller to move your reticle around- I don’t think they have, or will have, light gun support- though that would be great.  Maybe a feature that could be added later?

The developer, StevePro Studios, is based out of Dublin, Ireland and works on these types of games for many platforms.  Another game they have produced, Candy Kid, is available for iPhone, Android, Kindle and PC- maybe we will eventually see 3D City released on some of those platforms.  Touch controls would definitely be nice to have on iPhone or Android as that would help with the frustration of moving the cursor around the screen.

Head over to to grab a copy of 3D City.  Remember, it is a work in progress so anything, and possibly everything, in the video above and your download could be different upon release.

Carl Williams

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2 Responses to “3D City, Rails Based Shooter, for Sega Master System Work in Progress”

  1. SteveProXNA says:

    Thanks for the write up on 3D City Carl! Just to clarify the history of 3D City real quick: the original game was written in BASIC on the Sega SC-3000 8-bit micro computer in 1988 []. The game was re-written for the Sega Master System in 2016 in C / Z80 assembler for the SMS Power Competition 2016, which is what you have written up about here. Source code can be found here:

    • Carl Williams says:

      Thanks for the clarification. I straightened out the opening paragraph to properly reflect the history of 3D City.

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