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Star Versus Mixes Asteroids with Gradius for Nintendo Entertainment System

New Nintendo Entertainment System games are not as regular as they are for the Atari 2600.  That makes new releases all the more interesting to me.  Sure, Atari 2600 stuff is fun and interesting- mostly on a “technical” level, NES stuff is usually more advanced thanks to the increased hardware power available.  Take Star Versus for instance.  This is a mix of Asteroids and one on one fighting.

Star Versus features four playable characters, four arenas to fight in, special attacks, intruding enemies such as UFO’s and obstacles (planets) to avoid.  This is all while you are blasting the hell out of your opponent, grabbing power ups and keeping an eye on your own life bar.  As you can see in the video below, it gets hectic rather quickly.

Take one pinch of Asteroids, a dash of Space War and mix with a heaping helping of 1 on 1 fighting mechanics.

Christopher Veach, a friend of Retro Gaming Magazine, alerted me to this title earlier today.  He just received his copy earlier this week and had already put in over three hours of play.

Star Versus is unique as not many developers have tried to mix Asteroids with one on one fighting.  Sure, we had Space War early on in gaming but not much in this genre since.  Your ship can leave the screen on one side and re-enter on the opposite side, just like Asteroids.  Interestingly, your weapons do not travel very far in the level- they are rather short range deals.  This forces you to get up close and personal with your enemy, either the other player or random spaceships just inserting their point of view on the proceedings.

For those that do not have a friend to play with, Star Versus offers two player modes, you can take on the single player quest.  This is good since it could be tough for many to convince another player to join in the battles while in the same room.

Star Versus is available at, grab a copy and support independent development of new games.

Carl Williams

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