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Orion Releases Dreamcast and PC Orion’s Puzzle Collection Featuring Yopaz

Okay, this is a triple game disc for the Sega Dreamcast and Windows PC’s.  This disc features three games, as you probably have guessed.  For many Dreamcast owners, new games are new games but from what I can gather on these three, they are above your average release.  Games included are Yopaz 3D, IceStar Yopaz and Turtle Chomp.

First up in this trio of new puzzle games is Yopaz IceStar.  I play a lot of mobile games and this game looks so familiar but I cannot place where I have seen this formula before.  Basically, you can only move in straight lines.  This may sound VERY limiting but it is not, it actually forces better level design.  It also forces you to use your brain to figure out what to do next.  There are colored portals to transport you around the level, direction changers and then couple those with color changers and you have quite a puzzle adventure on your hands.

There is a level editor for Yopaz IceStar.  This is pretty cool considering we are seeing fewer and fewer new Sega Dreamcast games.  To be able to create your own levels and then presumably have friends beat them is cool.

Next up is Yopaz 3D.  This is Yopaz IceStar but in 3D, which you would think makes it more interesting.  From the video above I can tell you right now, the 3D aspect just makes it that much more of a challenge.  I had trouble keeping up with direction just watching that video.

Finally, we have Turtle Chomp which is only promoted as having a lot of Internet meme in it.  It also apparently has “Omnomnom”.  You have to make long fruit lines and chain combos in this one.  Turtle Chomp is listed as a surprise for purchasers of this collection so it may disappear from the release once a certain number of copies are sold.

Head over to to grab your copy of Orion’s Puzzle Collection for Sega Dreamcast and Windows PC.

Carl Williams

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