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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie Hits Super Nintendo – Today in Retro Gaming – June 30th, 1995

Ah, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers- a television show that was aimed at younger viewers but still caught the eye of slightly older fans, myself included.  The show was quite different versus what else was available on that channel but just about all of television.  Brightly colored characters in spandex outfits wearing face obscuring helmets and they fought in these giant robots like another, classic, television show- Voltron.  With any hit show like this there are going to be video games based on it.  That is what happened with the release of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for the Super Nintendo.

What fans of the show got with this Super Nintendo game was a brawler that was “somewhat” like Final Fight.  I say that because you are not able to freely move about the screen as in Capcom’s classic.  Instead, you are limited to different lanes across the screen.  Moving between them is easy with the press of a shoulder button but it is kind of annoying.  It does keep enemies from overtaking you unfairly but leads to a lot of cheap hits due to vehicles in control of the enemy.

All of the games that carry the name Might Morphin Power Rangers The Movie are loosely based on the movie of the same name.  The Super Nintendo version features the addition of Billy (Blue Ranger) and Kimberly (Pink Ranger), Tommy (White Ranger) with Rocky, Adam and Aisha.

Much like the movie, and television show, you start out in the Super Nintendo game as a normal teenager.  You “earn” the right to change into a Power Ranger based on your character choice.  This keeps you from simply powering through the game as the Power Ranger persona.

Fans of the older series will enjoy this one while more recent fans of the Power Rangers may find it lacking (Rita Repulsa is not hot).  Check out my article on the new Power Rangers over on Gravis Ludus.  If you enjoy primary colored heroes, Netflix has rebooted Voltron (covered on Gravis Ludus).


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